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) to miss out on a single card would be intolerable—gotta catch ’em all!Fans who dispersed from the goods line didn’t go far—they simply moved off to other corners of the lobby, where they cut open trading card packaging with meticulous care and began a fervent swapping ritual, totally silent but for occasional squeals of “COMPU!How could their poor mouths handle so much gelatin, we wondered.

/ Folky / Acoustic Major / Pops Alternative Rock / Indie Rock Alt. Psych / Kraut / Improv Dark / Synth Wave Hardcore / Metal / Junk / Noise Experimental / Electronic Electronica / IDM Japanese Electronic Leftfield Pop Industrial Noise / Avant Wave / Electro / Alternative Ambient / New Age / Modern Classical / Minimal Dark Ambient / Drone / Metal EXO / Tribal Leftfield / Downtempo Oldies / Surf / Rock'n'Roll Rock 60's / Folk Rock British Beat Garage / Garage Psyche / Art Rock Soft Rock / Soft Psyche / Acid Folk S. Imai a chance to exhibit his own crude crayon drawings at the Yokohama Romankan back in 2011, and even drawing an original mini-mural directly on the wall of Imai’s house.Uno has also worked with Buck-Tick before in a professional capacity—he provided the cover illustration for Razzle Dazzle, elements of which were also used in the designs for the tour goods on that tour.But considering that these kairo were only given to fans who spent the big bucks, and considering that simply seeing Yagami Toll live in the sweaty flesh is liable to instantaneously warm up the knickers of most fangirls, and quickly reduce the girls themselves to a gelatinous state, I’d argue that this time around, Fish Tank has cheated us bigtime.The choice of an ugly tote bag as a freebie seemed especially odd given that the Fish Tank-only tour goods this year were especially beautiful, featuring designs by none other than superstar graphic artist Uno Aquirax (FYI, his given name is pronounced “Akira,” not “Akwiracks.”) The choice to use Uno’s artwork on the tour goods was no coincidence—Uno provided the illustrations for the newly re-designed version of the Fish Tank member ID cards which were first issued in August, and the Uno tour goods featured adaptations of the same images.

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Uno has had a stellar career doing posters and designs for all kinds of underground artists, most notably the legendary angura film director Terayama Shuji.

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