Accommodating people with disabilities in the workplace

The employer should always proceed cautiously and respectfully to make those enquiries focusing on how the employee may not be meeting the normal expectations of the workplace.

For example: Once an accommodation plan is identified and implemented, the employer should monitor the situation to ensure the accommodation is effectively meeting the employee’s needs.

The employer’s duty to accommodate The duty to accommodate is the responsibility to address and remove unreasonable burdens or barriers based on a protected characteristic that limit access to opportunities and benefits available to others.

For example: Employers should maintain confidentiality with respect to sensitive information that underlies the employee’s accommodation plan, disclosing sufficient information about the plan to ensure that managers can monitor how the accommodation is working out.Discrimination may be based on stereotypes or assumptions and offends a person’s dignity because it ignores their individual merit.Discrimination also means failure to provide reasonable accommodation for the special needs of a person when their needs are based on characteristic protected in Providing reasonable accommodation for those needs, enables the employer to “level the playing field” for an employee so they can equally access opportunities available to others in the workplace.This is because imposes an obligation on the employer to provide a discrimination-free work environment.The employer’s duty to accommodate is not triggered until an employee identifies that they have special needs based on a protected characteristic that, if accommodated, would enable them to participate on an equal level with their co-workers.

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