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This section shows all bilateral exchange relationships that are currently in place for the automatic exchange of CRS information under Article 6 of the Multilateral Convention and the CRS MCAA, as well as under the EU framework.

The number in brackets behind each jurisdiction in the drop-down menu indicates the total number of bilateral exchange relationships that are currently activated with respect to that jurisdiction.Don’t be afraid to (gently) let your outreach targets know exactly where you want your link to go. Otherwise you force them to figure out where your link should go.Here’s a real life example of a very specific outreach email: Links from the BBB are now all nofollowed.Further information on the process for activating bilateral exchange relationships under the CRS MCAA can be found in our Questions and Answers.This page also contains information on bilateral Competent Authority Agreements that jurisdictions have concluded, to the extent communicated to the Secretariat.

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