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Actress32D8 (US) or 38.5 (EU)Charles Worthington’s hair care product (2013).

Roman Catholicism Playing Carol Marcus in the science fiction action film Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).

There’s Eve, the passive and submissive eavesdropper, Mallory the malicious attacker, and Trent, trusted by all, just to name a few.

While Alice, Bob, and their extended family were originally used to explain how public key cryptography works, they have since become widely used across other science and engineering domains.

Their influence continues to grow outside of academia as well: Alice and Bob are now a part of geek lore, and subject to narratives and visual depictions that combine pedagogy with in-jokes, often reflecting of the sexist and heteronormative environments in which they were born and continue to be used.

More than just the world’s most famous cryptographic couple, Alice and Bob have become an archetype of digital exchange, and a lens through which to view broader digital culture.

This secure telephone device was developed in after SIGSALY, developed by Bell Labs in 1941-42 and used during World War II.

In the spring of 1942, it was realized that while SIGSALY was successful, development for ciphony equipment with other physical and functional properties was needed.

This task of finding what would become known as a mathematical one-way function was left to his colleague Clifford Cocks.

So, in November 1973, detailing another possible implementation of Ellis’ non-secret encryption; this time, Williamson’s algorithm was basically a version of the one later identified by Diffie and Hellman, in their famous “New Directions” paper, which was the first unclassified description of public-key cryptography.

Alice debuted with 2004 British-American-German romantic period drama film Stage Beauty for her role as Miss Frayne.

In 2005, Eve appeared in the BBC Two’s television series The Rotters’ Club for her role as Cicely Boyd.

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