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Currently, the 32-year-old journalist attracts the attention of the media with her luxurious golf attire, and the mystery surrounding her personal life.Golf has become an essential part of Amanda Balionis’ life.On Instagram, she explained that this sport has brought her not only pleasure while playing, but has also opened unimaginable professional paths for her, and this is why it will always have a place in her heart.Her professional career as a sports journalist started when she applied to be part of the live team coverage of the PGA Tour.Amanda Balionis, born on 6 June 1986, is an American reporter and journalist, who is currently one of the stars on the CBS crew, and specialises in reporting for the Golf section of the CBS Sports channel.

When Sebastian calls Monique and leaves her a message claiming they need to talk, he says "i was thinking and, we really need to talk." later on when Monique listens to the message we hear the whole thing and he never says "and" once.

He weaves together a potentially complicated storyline and makes it flow naturally and makes everything fall together.

The story which is loosely based off of Shakespeares Twelfth Night but it's remarkable how much they managed to translate over to this modern day film.

It's seemingly completely off the wall but more exact to the classic comedy than you'd think.

There isn't too much to say about a downside except that the last half hour drags a little and also becomes a might predictable but it doesn't change the hilarity of the first half of the film.

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