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And don’t miss the story how Ashton got a LOT like Punk’d by some snarky Secret Service agents! In searching for the right person, we wanted somebody who had the combination of the ability to play vulnerability and be vulnerable, but also funny.

We were told Ashton was instrumental in suggesting Amanda as his co-star. I’ve seen Amanda in a lot of her work–One film was The Whole Nine Yards, which she was really funny in.

And as we were getting out of the plane they were very strict and serious.To me love is when your desire for somebody else is greater than the desire for yourself or equal to that. And I think A Lot Like Love is what most of us call love.Peet:: “I think the idea of the movie is that it is real love, and it is from the get-go.It’s rare that you find somebody that is beautiful, funny, and has an ability to be vulnerable, and Amanda has all those qualities, and it makes her brilliant.” What’s your take on the love-at-first-sight concept?Amanda Peet: “I personally don’t believe in love at first sight, but I definitely believe in chemistry and lust-at-first-sight.

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