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If you start there as a measurable standard that we hold ourselves to, then factor in the considerable additional seriousness of in the Champion case, the Marching 100 should be banned for about 7-10 years.For now, the consensus speculation seems to be that the likely outcome on Monday is an extension of the university’s “indefinite” ban on the 100.If they don’t confirm a lengthy, specific ban of the Marching 100 on Monday, it will be a clear sign they still – still!– aren’t truly serious about fighting hazing on campus.Unfortunately, it seems for now that summations like Hightower’s are all that’s practical for most people to see, since there’s no link yet to full digital versions of the documents on the Web.

Good riddance to the now-retired bandleader Julian White as well, as far as I’m concerned.But given the significance of such an idea, coming from the police chief and the dean of students, it’s hard to imagine he wouldn’t be told.In other words, this story involving other senior-level administrators moves things incrementally closer to the president’s office.Reporters who have seen the stuff say it offers by far the most detailed account yet of what went down in those fateful hours after last November’s Florida Classic.The AP’s Kyle Hightower writes: Robert Champion was known for his opposition to the hazing rampant in the Florida A&M University marching band, but he was vying to be lead drum major and wanted the respect he could earn by enduring a brutal ritual known as “crossing over.” With chances for initiation ending with the football season, fellow band members say, Champion agreed to run through a bus lined with people kicking and beating him with drumsticks, mallets and fists. Interviews with defendants in Champion’s killing and other band members released Wednesday paint the most detailed picture yet of what happened the night he died last November.

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