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Your boyfriend will love the unique approach to relationships and the dry humor that you can always expect from Jones and Samberg.Paul Dano plays a writer who pens himself a fictional love interest, Ruby Sparks.Still, thanks to the sheer likeability of the entire cast, most specifically Samberg and Jones, the latter of whom indeed has written a dynamic part for herself that seems to reflect her true personality which we’ve only seen in shades before, the film feels as if it’s captured something very real even if it’s done so in fairly superficial way.

Likewise, the timeline of the film’s events seem to unfold naturally until they begin bunching up near the end, the loose, limber structure of the first two-thirds giving in to the need for a definitive conclusion.

She comes to life, but their love story is far from perfect.

This stunning film is centered on an imaginary girl, but brings out real-life, relatable, relationship struggles.

However, the story line takes a nonlinear approach, and the audience views the relationship in selective days from Tom's point of view.

The cast is lovable, the story's unique, the attention to detail is spectacular, and there's a departure from the traditional fairy tale that can be seen with so many rom-coms.

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They divorce and try to maintain their friendship, while dating other people.

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