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I could not find anything definite about this point of televised-anthem etiquette.However, I did find some notes from people who said they do stand and put their right hands over their hearts when the national anthem is played on TV. I also found stuff from people who said the anthem on TV doesn't really count or really require all that etiquette because you're not really there.It's one thing to salute the flag or otherwise respect it when it passes during a parade, but if you're driving down the street and pass a building with the flag flying, do you salute or take off your hat?

Membership in this meetup group is limited to those people who live in the state of Arizona and also desire to meet other members of this group at Meetup events.

If you're interested in learning how to have a successful marriage you might want to join the Phoenix Christian Marriage Support Group (singles are welcome and encouraged to join to join the marriage support group).

We have Christian events for singles happening all over the Phoenix area...

We all have different interests, so I would suggest you post a meetup gathering which appeals to you, and at a location which works for you.

Once you are a member, you can post a gathering for this group by clicking on the "schedule a meetup" link at the top of the lists of "upcoming meetups."Important: This meetup group is a Christian group...

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