Are foreman and 13 still dating

She also unwittingly exposed Henry Dobson as a fraud when she agreed to perform an echocardiogram that had been assigned to him.As a result of her performance, she was made part of the final 10. Remy Beauregard Hadley was a major character on House from the fourth season onwards.

Her nickname comes from the number she was assigned - 13. In The Right Stuff, she soon chimed in with the first reasonable suggestion, immediately getting the attention of Dr.

House - she surmised the patient's synesthesia may have been caused by a thrombosis and asked if the patient spent "A lot of time above 20,000 feet." The patient was an air force pilot and House ran with her suggestion, although it turned out to be wrong.

Well, like you said, you wouldn't interrupt Buddy if it wasn't important.

Thirteen suffered from a genetic condition called Huntington's Chorea, a recurring plot during her tenure on the show.

Her mother and brother both died from the illness (with Thirteen respecting her brother's wishes by euthanizing him) and Thirteen generally showed she was scared about losing control of her body, but she didn't allow it to hold her back. Reason for Becoming a Doctor: Currently unknown, although Dr.

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