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In this area of Asia, Buddhist culture is strong, but you will also find those who practice Islam and Hinduism.In the Philippines you will find a strong Catholic presence among the people. The communication style elements you run into when dating an Asian largely depends on where the person is from.The cultural norms tend to vary based on where in Asia someone is from.For example, those from Korea and those from India are usually very different.Below are listed various parts of Asia and what countries make up those areas.In Central Asia, you will often meet people who follow the religion of Islam.As you read this guide to Asian dating I want you to know that I found my soulmate through online dating!My wife is an Asian and is from the Philippines so I know what it takes to date an Asian and how to make it work.

Someone from Japan may teach you more about the art of flower arranging or calligraphy. In modern-day Japan, there is a mixture of North American and European influences too. They use the lunar calendar, so you will get information about this. There are other smaller countries in the region too.When you first start dating, you may notice small things, such as not wearing your shoes inside.However, as you continue dating an Asian, your world will be expanded greatly and in a good way.Asian women who were born in an Asian country can sometimes be timider and respectful, but know that there are exceptions to every rule.They also tend to be more traditional and feminine.

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Actually, Asia is made up of 48 countries so it’s a very large area.

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