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In summary, I highly recommend the site, assuming you understand the purpose of the site. My max first date offer is in my profile at 0 which I do not negotiate. If they state they want to be spoiled, go to a fancy restaurant, have things bought for them STAY AWAY!

I got booted as an attractive women cuz they said they had multiple complaints about me not following through on dates. If the ' Beautiful ' member suggest higher I do not counter, I cancel my offer and move on. If They accept and chat for a while they are usually real' If their pics look like a studio they are probably fake. I have met & more with some very beautiful young women who are willing to have an arrangement. The site is owned by seeking arrangements and the customer service is run by the same company.

You're a liar if you had sex through this website.

Turns out her boyfriend and her were both heroin addicts and robbed people that went to their apartment. ing insane hookers, or have huge egos just see who can get a lot of money for a date.

They write fake "verified reviews" on there website to try and convince the men to spend money, but don't do it. They will steal your money, stalk you, threaten you, send you spam and most importantly you will not the find woman you were looking for.

Normally, I get quite a bit of attention on dating sites. No, we don't get money from credits guys spend to speak to people. I disputed the charge and they filed collections after me. 15%----Unlock for fee...says Hi, how are you...reply...further're ignored 20%---- On date tell you next date with goodies is 200-300 No hint on site they're Hoes. The problem is, you will automatically receive an email within a minute after matching someone, which is suspicious to begin with.

To be honest, my WYP profile gets almost no attention at all. I didn't even know about those until I found this review page. My suspicions were confirmed, when I received an email from a user that just said "app" and the user said she didnt send it, which would be deceptive at best since you are paying for it.

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