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Gorgeous beaches, fancy houses, shiny cars, and people with a seemingly endless stream of wealth. Despite existing during a time when there were a number of teen drama shows around, something about The O. felt special and it’s hard not to be drawn into their world. All of this comes as quite the shock to newcomer Ryan as he struggles to find his way through his new home and family, the Cohens.That’s the world that we are first introduced to through Ryan Atwood’s eyes on the hit show, The O. You can’t help but fall in love with Ryan and his witty friend Seth Cohen, and they were what made the show truly pop. was a drama series that aired for four seasons between 2003-2007, and to this day it has a very loyal and loving fan base. took place in Newport Beach, Orange County in California, where people live a very upper class lifestyle.

However, she soon comes to realize that her superficial attitude is just a mask for her own insecurities.Julie typically seeks wealthy husbands in order to keep her new lifestyle, but that doesn’t always work out well for her.She is cunning and beautiful, and she uses those traits to her advantage.Summer is also tough, intelligent, and underneath it all very sweet.She has a close relationship with her father, and is best friends with Marissa Cooper. she was only supposed to be in it for a few episodes, but people loved her so much that she was asked to stay.

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If you’ve wondered what the cast has been up to since we bid them adieu in Newport Beach, then now is your chance to find out.

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