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It helps to build a lasting relationship with the customer, inspire future communication and create fans and advocates of your brand.

How to treat the customer to be able to appreciate all these benefits and escalate your service to a more professional and human level?

We are going to resend it now to the correct address and add a few more days to your subscription to make up for our error.” Saying a blank “No” to the customer may appear quite rude.

The best approach is to use the “Compliment Sandwhich”, my favorite tactics which John Rydell beautifully describes in his article “Simple Tips on Having the Hard Conversation”.

It is especially true with new employees who often need help finding the proper style of communication which would stick with your business objectives and allow them to maintain their authenticity.

Below are some guidelines on how a service agent can best handle the major key points in a live chat conversation. It may sound very basic, but actually not everyone does it right.

Before transferring, inform the customer why and to whom their call is being transferred.

Most people who are contacting you by chat have some sort of online presence and if you are rude with them or reluctant to give them a clear answer, they can leave false negative comments about your company in online forums or on social media. End the conversation with a definite “goodbye” or any other expression which leaves no doubt that the conversation is ended.

So if you have to transfer, do it only when it is absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, try to find out the information for yourself.

Greeting is important, as it sets the tone for the whole conversation.

Quite often the service agents fall into one of the two extremes: either their greeting is too short and informal, or too long and formal, both of which betray the lack of respect and concern for the customer.

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