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Two (of many) nuggets of wisdom stood out to me: one was that them to be less then mature with us.

I found that to be a very powerful thought and hope it will be a way to help motivate clients to enforce their boundaries (and take responsibility for their own part in it).

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It will teach you what to look for (and watch out for) in your dating choices, how to work on your personal issues that might effect your ability to attract mature future mates, and teaches great ideas for all sorts of common dating issues.

It's probably best for those in the 18-30 year old bracket.

I will definitely be using this book with clients in the near future and would also like to try doing psychoeducational seminars or groups with it as well (pairing it with the workbook).

It's quite readable and I would recommend it for anyone who is dating or wishes to be in the near future.

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  1. Still, Green acknowledged that Fox was “persistent,” and even though he kept pushing her away at first, he realized how interested in her he really was when she said that she would look into other dating opportunities.