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We have to recall Faraday’s Law of Induction, which states that when the magnetic flux linking a circuit changes, an electromotive force is induced in the circuit proportional to the rate of change of the flux linkage.The force that is induced would oppose the direction of motion that caused the initial change in magnetic flux.The video also gives a detailed explanation of the gearwork and components in the video.To transfer the linear vibrations to a rotary motion to turn the hands, a ratchet and pawl system is used.

This “relaxation” again causes a change in direction of current in the feedback coil, which signals the transistor to switch on again, re-starting the motion of the fork.The name could perhaps be traced back to its earlier applications on Spacecrafts.Even before the first consumer wrist watch was introduced, Bulova has been serving NASA programs since 1958, providing the same Accutron movement as a timer aboard communication satellites.To me, this is the most impressive part of the watch.Measuring just 0.095” or 2.41mm in diameter, with 360 teeth cut into its circumference, this is an insanely small and precise piece of work!

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When the Accutron was first released, the Spaceview was simply a marketing display design to give customers a glimpse into the working concept of a tuning fork movement.

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