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We both found out that we were HIV positive when we came to Canada in 1995. Over the years, I have learned to accept my status and love myself—but finding partners who feel the same is not always easy.

My teen years were a bit different than my classmates’ because, on top of my studies, they also included travelling to England to bury my father and caring for my mom, who was in and out of the hospital and passed away in 2012 from cancer.

Great conversation motivates me, I live my life with intent and purpose.

When I was 13 years old, I remembering telling myself, “I haven’t even kissed a boy and I have an STI.” That’s how the kids in my class and I were taught about HIV, an infection that I’ve had since birth. A bit about me: I’m 24, living in the Greater Toronto Area and a Gemini who works as a freelance journalist. My mother contracted HIV after my father had several affairs, and she was unaware of her status when she got pregnant, gave birth and breastfed me.

"Syphilis infection, if it's a case or a contact, requires a very meticulous, very labour intensive followup." Complicating things, he said, is the fact that clients may have multiple conditions and co-infections. You're dealing with HIV, you're dealing with hepatitis C, you're dealing with addiction, you're dealing with other mental health issues.Between dealing with all these “adult things,” dating was far from my mind.The idea seemed unattainable, and to be honest, a bit scary.In particular, the introduction of new tests for pharyngeal and rectal forms of gonorrhea and chlamydia may have led to additional testing, Shahin said.Testing and treatment remain important, she said, in large part because of the long-term consequences of STIs.

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