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* “Rob Lowe said Peyton Manning is retiring, and Twitter is melting down,” proclaimed Michelle Beadle as Cowherd walked onto the busy set of his daily ESPN2 television show, Sports Nation, last week.

Beadle, a genial blonde with a rapier wit, has been Cowherd’s co-host of the show since its debut in 2009.

The tireless work ethic stemmed from a throat-clutching fear of being broke and a desire to be heard. “I was scared to death I was going to be unemployed and go back to my small rural town and be a nobody. At Eastern Washington, everyone else was going to parties and I was obsessed with my career.

Cowherd brushes his nose – which almost squares off at the tip, like a hammerhead shark – with his right fist before rubbing his eyes with his index finger and thumb. He initially described his childhood as dark, later called it idyllic, then downshifted to isolated.He grew up in Grayland, Wash., a subdued fishing village two and a half hours southwest of Seattle.Even though he was active in school – three years on the varsity basketball team, quarterback of the football team his senior year, high school newspaper for two years – Cowherd described his home life as a solitary one.Scott Van Pelt’s ESPN radio show is the “cool” one. Cowherd, sandwiched between them from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. “I’m paid to be a mile wide and an inch deep,” he said.Eastern time, seems to relish the rebellious ethos of his show. “I can tell you, Mike & Mike are not getting in those arguments. They say, ‘Well, we bought the league.’ Well, that’s a You problem. Cowherd is always moving – he talks with his hands, his head swivels.

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“They said, here’s a mic, do what you want,” Cowherd remembered.

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