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To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers posed the following research question: Does CMC, such as e-mail, improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization?The potential outcomes of the study were that workers’ productivity and efficiency will generally increase, interpersonal interaction will generally decrease, and workers’ usage of new technology will be varied based on age, gender and educational level.2.In 1995, there were approximately 20 million computers connected on the Internet with that number doubling every year until it reached approximately 544 million in 2002.Computer mediated communication (CMC) encompasses all forms of communication facilitated by the use of the personal computer.C.) and can be traced to writings on Sumerian clay tablets. with the invention of the telegraph and the transmitting of the first message by Samuel Morse.This was followed by the printing era of communication which began in 1456 A. with the invention of the first movable printing press by Johann Gutenberg. One important function of this era was that it provided a means to move ideas to people instead of moving people to ideas.

In the modern workplace there is a computer at every desk with each networked to form part the company’s local or wide area network.Advances in Journalism and Communication Vol.2 No.2(2014), Article ID:46620,7 pages DOI:10.4236/ajc.2014.2222005 The Impact of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) on Productivity and Efficiency in Organizations: A Case Study of an Electrical Company in Trinidad and Tobago Kenrick Bob University of Trinidad and Tobago, O’Meara Campus, Arima, Trinidad and Tobago Email: [email protected] Copyright © 2014 by authors and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY). Received 5 April 2014; revised ; accepted ABSTRACTThis study investigates how computer mediated communication (CMC) and the electronic mailing system in particular have impacted on productivity and efficiency not to mention interpersonal interaction and increased use of technology in the organization.The Internet, in particular, was the catalyst that catapulted the computer into a global phenomenon.It was estimated that in 2002 there were 544 million users of the Internet international (Rogers, 2003) and that number is growing exponentially.

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Today, the interactive communication era is having a profound impact on many aspects of life.

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