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The relations with Sigma Conso are warm and friendly, it is really pleasant to work together." Francisco Casto e Almeida, Financial Director“We appreciate how well the start-up of the project was planned and managed and that all the parties met their deadlines.

This allowed the implementation of the tool to go extremely smoothly and we were soon up and running with the new system.

Toyota City, Japan, June 1, 2018―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Denso Corporation (Denso) announce that they have agreed today to begin considerations toward consolidating the core electronic component operations of both Toyota and Denso within Denso.

Currently, advanced development and mass-production development for Toyota's electronic components, as well as the production of such components, are conducted by both Toyota and Denso.

However, all is not lost – we have found synergies in both programs that you can leverage when consolidating: These synergies come from improving deals with hotels/airlines/suppliers, improving the business traveler/meeting attendee experience (typically, the same end user), and delivering on procurement goals.

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In the accounting world, financial consolidation is the process of combining financial data from several subsidiaries or business entities within an organization, and rolling it up to a parent company for reporting purposes.

"We now have been working with Sigma Conso for more than one year.

We particularly appreciate the organization and punctuality of Sigma Conso: the entire process goes smoothly according to the schedules we agreed on in advance. Every effort is made by Sigma Conso to make our task as easy as possible.

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So, how do you leverage the commonalities and address known challenges, when building a strategy to combine business travel and meetings program/spend?

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