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Lighting And Setting Up Filming / Camming Room – This is a tutorial specifically for Chaturbate, but the tips are applicable to camming in general, as well as filming clips.

These include, but aren’t limited to: quality of shows / products, fetishes being catered to, attractiveness of performers, size of customer-base, effectiveness of outside promotion and much more. There are some additional equipment requirements, and this will vary based on the services that you’re looking into offering.

Telling Friends And Family You’re A Pornstar – Coming out of the closet can be a difficult task.

Aerie shares her personal experience and gives some tips on how to break the news to friends and family.

Contains tons of resources that will help with promoting your products and services.

Subscribe On You Tube – Our You Tube channel is full of useful information.

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Learn More: Getting Started With Couples Porn This is a complicate question with a very complicated answer. First, different services generate revenue in different ways.

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