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Whatever you do, take time to think it over before you make a final decision.

Be wary of taking an ex back more than once – if they keep dumping you and you keep taking them back it’s unlikely that a lasting relationship will ever develop.

Try to get a realistic picture of what things were like between you and your ex rather than an idealised romantic image.

One approach is to get a blank sheet of paper and start each sentence with ‘I remember ….’ e.g.

All good exes leave the past behind, but some people take that expression literally, preferring to largely refrain from any kind of direct contact after a breakup—like when my friend Julia awarded the title of “best ex” to an old boyfriend whom she blissfully hasn’t heard from in years.

The best way to handle this is to not get involved with them at all – this behaviour is co-dependant, unhealthy, and will make you feel crazy. The best reason to get back with an ex is because you both want to be together again and whatever it was that caused you to break-up in the first place has been resolved.‘I remember our first kiss when we were in the back of the cinema’ or ‘I remember how hurt I was when I found out you had lied to me’.This exercise can bring up a lot of emotions so make sure you have the time and space to do it – and a box of tissues on hand! Hooking up with an ex is risky behavior that can lead you to get hurt all over again, but it can also give you a thrill to hook up with someone that you used to date.If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps.

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