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This evidence points to some serious flaws in the evolutionary psychologists’ narrative.If genes determine our mating preferences, how is it that these supposedly hardwired instincts erode in line with societies’ and individual’s gender-egalitarianism?However, research carried out in nine nations proves the opposite.The more gender-unequal men’s personal attitudes, the more they prefer qualities in women such as youth and attractiveness; and the more gender-unequal women’s attitudes, the more they prefer qualities in men such as money and status.Men, meanwhile, are mostly concerned about a woman’s fertility, for which beauty and youth serve as helpful cues.In the distant past, this behavior was adaptive, and so evolution selected and encoded it in our genes, .

On their first date, Mia and Josh talked as if they’d known each other for years.This scenario probably sounds strange, and it should: I’ve invented an anecdote about how the heterosexual dating scene might look 100 years in the future.Currently, the desire for a young, attractive partner of the opposite sex tends to be more prevalent in men than in women.However, the counter-punch is that evidence of a lingering gap actually supports case: the difference is only narrowed to the extent that gender equality is attained.Getting rid of it entirely would require complete gender equality, which doesn’t yet exist.

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