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BIS on its website, has put out a list of jewellers that are certified by the BIS. The list offers names of both gold and silver jewellers that are certified and licensed by BIS.

This provides the names and addresses of the jewellers and date till which their licence with BIS is valid.

However, because of this practice, it is required in some countries to mark jewellery with the percentage of precious metal present.Therefore, certain other metals such as silver and zinc are added to gold to convert it into jewellery.Fineness number is another way of measuring the purity of gold. According to the World Gold Council website, 24KT should be 1.0, i.e., 24/24, but there is likely to be slight impurities in gold and can only be refined to a fineness level of 999.9 parts of thousand.This was a legal requirement of all British jewellery until that year.If the jewellery is made with Fairtrade Gold or Fairmined Gold, it will also have one of those 2 stamps proving the 3 party certification for the provenance of that gold In the US, hallmarking is not a legal requirement.

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