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There was a time that the general consensus was that women couldn't be funny, that they were less funny than men, and that there was no way that women could be attractive and funny at the same time.Both men and women believed that having a sense of humor was a strictly male characteristic, and people felt threatened by a funny female.The likes of Michael Mc Intyre, Jerry Seinfeld, and Sarah Millican have built their careers on observational comedy.

With so many scary and challenging things happening in the world, there's room for funny females now more than ever.

If it's not embarrassing to her, hopefully it won't be embarrassing to you.

If she thinks the time you got caught (by her parents) having sex in the driveway of her childhood home is a hilarious story to tell at a party, a comedy club, or spoken word event, then you need to be okay with it.

on their online dating profile and you’ll likely find that you’re comedically compatible. Typically, improvisors start with a topic or phrase and then just go where the comedy takes them.

As the jokes are made up as they go along, this is one of the most challenging types of humour – and one of the most impressive!

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Here are the types of humour you need to know: Physical, or slapstick humour, is one of the most easily identifiable types of humour.

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