Dating in colonial times

Conclusion There had been a drastic change for women and marriage in the last 400 years. Women And Married Life During The Colonial Times History Essay.

They have gone from being a man’s property to being equals, from being a slave to their husband, to making their own decisions.

She would have been responsible for all the cleaning and cooling, planting a vegetable garden, milking cows, putting up the vegetables she raised for use during the winter.

Woman would have made their own dye, lye soap as well as medicines out of different herbs and weeds.

Women began to wait to get married at an older age compared to their counterparts in the previous century.

Women of the Revolution gained more authority, began to take an interest in the war effort by boycotting British goods as well as conduction fundraisers for the war effort.Women and marriage: 21st century Women in the 21st century have more options opened to them than any other time in history in their marriages.With all the options available, there is no one way that can define a marriage as “normal.” In some households, the husband is the main wage earner with the wife stays home taking care of the children and household duties.The changes in marriages over the last 400 years have been for the betterment of both the husband and wife. Women And Married Life During The Colonial Times History Essay. Regretfully it took 400 years for these changes to happen.

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Women had a choice in who their chose for a husband.

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