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While the age of an amp has no bearing on how good or bad it sounds, it can have an impact on the selling or purchase price of a Marshall rig. Does it have a serial number stamped on the chassis?

If your amp or speaker enclosure sports a black-ink-on-white-background barcode label on the chassis or back of the cabinet, then you know that the product was manufactured somewhere between 1992 and the present. Serial numbers began appearing on the back panels in July 1969.

“My repairman, Ken Bran, had a young assistant named Dudley Craven, and he was the chap who managed to put what I was hearing in my head into an amplifier,” Marshall adds.

“Dudley was a brilliant engineer who used to work as an apprentice for EMI, and I more than doubled his wages so he’d help us build our first rock and roll amplifier.

How to read the bar code Ignore the bar code on the first line. Note that some models produced from 1979-81 had serial numbers stamped on the front panel (to the left of the power switch).

How to read the serial number (1969-1983)Marshall used a coding system that provided (a) model, (b) serial number, and (c) manufacture date.

Since A was used in both 19, Marshall decided that 1971 would start with C.

“Dudley made five amps for me, one after the other, and I turned them all down because they didn’t have the sound I was after.

Then he made number six; and that did it – that’s the one that had the sound I had in my mind that the players had put to me.

And that’s how the JTM 45 came to be.” That the sound of the Marshall amp would come out of the Bassman isn’t all that surprising, as it’s not too difficult to compare Jim Marshall to Leo Fender.

Neither man was a guitarist, but each made his career as an entrepreneur who was willing to listen very, very carefully to their guitar-playing customers, and give them what they wanted. “In fact, it was my favorite guitar amplifier at that time without a doubt. it wasn’t the sound I heard in my head.” Getting the sound Marshall heard in his head required a considerable amount of experimentation.

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Z was used for two years, allowing time to convert to the bar coding scheme started in October 1992.

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