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With these collected resources from governments, universities and respected private institutions across the world, you’re sure to find free, high-quality lessons in 48 languages that are learned far and wide.

This is an especially exciting resource if you’re learning a less commonly studied language with less widely available video material.Tuning into your favorite Albanian or Nepali TV station can easily make up for the lack of other learning materials in your language.Fluent U is a totally different world of language learning.You could Google your heart out until the endless trial-and-error wears you out, or you could start by checking out these 49 free language learning websites, some of the best freebies from around the Web.Whether you prefer flashcards or face-to-face interaction, whether you’re learning Amharic or Zulu, for novices and near-natives and everything in between, here’s how you can start fine-tuning your language skills without spending a cent.

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The first is the sheer range of available content: movies, news, documentaries, cartoons, music videos, funny You Tube videos or whatever else you like to watch, it’s there. Instead of contriving some slowly-spoken and articulately-pronounced (and usually terribly boring) videos for learners, Fluent U directs you to authentic video content appropriate to your level with built-in learning tools that ensure you can keep up. Hover your mouse over the subtitles to instantly view definitions.

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