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(Full disclosure: I actually called Laurie to get instructions on the route and where to find the bus at the train station. ) I found the buses and easily located #63, so it appeared the commuting gods were on my side. The driver (who didn't speak English) was pointing further down the road which I eventually figured out was the boarding location.He was sitting in the 'holding area' where they wait until their departure time and there's absolutely no chance of boarding there.You find your destination, map out your route, board heading in the right direction, and get off at your desired stop. Laurie and I walked to the station, she helped me purchase my tickets from the kiosk, checked that I was headed in the right direction, and down the stairs I went to wait for my train.

I rang the bell for my stop and walked up to the front of the bus and stood just behind the driver waiting to disembark.

I'm pretty sure that driver was happy to see me leave, and I was happy to see Le Tour Eiffel, again. I took the train down to Evry and successfully exited in the front of the station this time.

We had a business dinner that evening so I would forgo the train and take a cab back to the city.

It's a fabulous location and hard to pass up for a hotel out near my office in the suburbs.

So why not to commute to work each day and spend all my free time in the city? Paris is known for its efficient transportation systems and Laurie was teaching me the ins and outs of the buses, Metro and RER trains.

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We dined at Accor Academie, the training hotel for the Accor Hospitality Group in France.

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