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But now Westerners who don't know better say it that way.I get that Muz Match is trying to be ironic, but still...).. As expected this is the usual marriage post (lol) and since I live in an area with a small Muslim population, I've turned to online resources to find a spouse. knowing that there's some basic mutual interest based on bio and superficial stuff at least before starting a conversation to find out more) and the user base (generally educated, western Muslims looking for marriage).I've heard good things about Muzmatch and was wondering if anyone has used the app and had good luck with it? I wrote a comment with some advice based on my experience here.Younas, 33, is particularly keen to grow Muzmatch, which is based in London, in Canada and the United States.With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may soon be bombarded with advertising/images/cards/enthusiastic friends and family encouraging you to find that perfect partner. But if it does get a bit much, at least there’s an app like Muzmatch, which is not only getting bigger, but catering to a Muslim market in a way that complements the faith.Along with letting people set the radius of their search, Muzmatch gives users the option to show photos on their profiles or blur them.It also offers a chaperone feature, meaning the initial slide into the DMs, as well as the ongoing back-and-forths, can be monitored by a guardian – an appealing feature for many singletons and their families.

I found some people on every platform I used that were clearly not serious or who were just out to waste time, but by having a strict personal filter in terms of quality of people to swipe right on, not getting attached to anyone too soon, and just an objective mindset I managed to avoid any major upset alhamdulillah.I've never used the site, and I find the name off-putting (I've heard that the pronunciation "Muzz-lim" instead of "Mus-lim" came about because in Arabic, the word "zalim" is oppressor, so anti-Muslim types (or maybe just colonial Brits) popularized that pronunciation...and just in general, the "z" pronunciation sounds harsh.Most importantly, Muzmatch gives people the chance to get talking with hundreds of potential partners, increasing the likelihood of actually finding the ‘one’ (and not someone their auntie is absolutely convinced is the one).Since Muzmatch was founded in the UK almost three years ago by Shahzad Younas, an ex-investment banker, and Ryan Brodie, a software engineer, there have reportedly been over 6,000 engagements. No surprises, then, that news of Muzmatch’s global expansion has been announced.

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My brother-in-law (husband's youngest brother) downloaded both Muzmatch and Minder.

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  1. You find something you like—maybe you’re a Facebook fan, or a loyal Instagrammer, or a member of the cool Snapchat club—and you stick to it. Ever wonder if you’ve met your soulmate, but didn’t know it?