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This guide can help you determine the If you’re unable to identify the approximate production year of your instrument using the above charts, several excellent books are available that contain invaluable and reliable information on the history of Fender instruments. They are detailed reference resources with a wealth of information on determining the production years of various instruments and on Fender history in general.

Indeed, we use these same books here at Fender when researching historical and date-related issues.

We are still researching the mystery of the B cast plates.

We had previously stated that these were not American Series, but new events have uncovered that this may not to be completely true.

Some black plates are stamped without Made in USA and some have the entire "Kramer" word stamped rather than outline cut stamped as earlier models do.

Range - D0001-9999 Notes: 1984-late 85 "Banana" or "Hockeystick' headstocks (C5000s-E2000s) - Necks Made by La Si Do, Sports - Bodies by Sports Chrome and black plates both of which are flat stamped.

These plates showing up on American Series guitars is somewhat of of a mystery, as we don't know if those were used for American Series guitars assembled in Japan, or if it was for another purpose.

Although the tables below are as accurate as possible, serial numbers of these acoustic guitars have never been archived and are of no assistance when attempting to date these instruments.

The number following the letter is the year, in this case . Using the charts, we see that H=1991 and P=September. Custom Shop, Made in Japan, 2004-: Letter-letter-letter-###-letter, like so: QLY111C. Yamaha Music Craft, Made in Japan, 1997-1999: Letter-letter-###-letter, like so: ON521J. (See previous entry for Yamaha Music Craft for more on the numbering.) Yamaha Music Craft, Made in Japan, 2001-: Letter-letter-letter-###-letter, like so: QIL123A.

213=unit number; and that last letter is an internal code. (That first letter is an “oh” not a zero.) The first letter is the year; O=1998. The three numbers are the unit number; this started over each month at 500, so unit number 21. Yamaha Music Craft, Made in Japan, 1999: Letter-letter-###, like so: PM222. The first two letters are the year; Q=0 and I=2, so 2002.

The information contained in this guide was culled from our archives of Fender price lists and catalogs, beginning with 1968.

Unknown information is indicated with a question mark.

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ex: A A1234 Range - Bxxxxx There are versions of a B plate that are cast metal, that showed up in the later years for Kramer.

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