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Just be sure you know what to expect from this relationship.If being lovey-dovey is what you’re after, then this type of relationship isn’t for you. Your friends are a treasure trove of willing sexual partners.So, make sure that you know the risks and are willing to face the consequences when faced with them. A lot of people who use online dating to find prospective partners are usually interested in hook-ups.Most of them end up as one-night stands, but they can also develop into full-fledged friends with benefits relationships. This is a tricky one because having sex with a co-worker can complicate your professional environment.Initiate the arrangement Once you find a friend, the next step is to make your pitch.

[Read: Are you starting to fall in love instead of in lust? After expressing your intentions to your partner, you might end up sleeping together immediately.

However, make it clear that this is not a request for a commitment as well.

It might be complicated, but your friend will understand once they realize the specifics of the arrangement. The rules are different from the boundaries that you set. They are there to help your situation be less complicated. You can set the rules so you won’t need to date, talk or see each other more than necessary.

You need to ease them in as you express your intentions. Some people are not into being Friends with Benefits.

That is why you need to establish whether that person is open to the idea.

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  1. Faced with a lingering recession, a stagnant job market, and mountains of student debt, many young people — particularly victims of the “mancession” — simply cannot afford to invest a fancy dinner or show in someone they may or may not click with.