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"The increase in Tacoma was among the highest at 9.5 percent, bringing the typical residence to 1,000," Lonergan explained.

"By contrast Dupont’s increase was only 4.5 percent, however their average value remains higher at 4,000."The highest average value in the county is 2,000 in Gig Harbor, while the least expensive homes are found in more remote locations such as Wilkeson and South Prairie, averaging 7,000 to 0,000.

This is partly due to the growing economy in King County, which has exerted upward pressure on housing costs.

The founding of Pierce County encouraged a slow but steady stream of new settlements. When the Northern Pacific Railroad announced in 1873 that its northwest terminus would locate in Tacoma, the city and surrounding county grew into a regional leader.On behalf of over 75 taxing districts in Pierce County which are served by the Assessor-Treasurer’s office, thank you for making these public services possible by your property tax support.Pierce County is a coastal area in the northwest part of the state that includes Puget Sound, the Puget Sound lowlands and the surrounding region west of the Cascade Range and east of the Olympic Mountains. The county has a total area of roughly 1,800 square miles, of which 1,670 square miles is land and 130 square miles is water.Amazon’s two distribution centers (1,200) make it the largest distribution employer in the county. (back to top) The county can now look past the impacts of the recession and look forward as nonfarm employment continues to expand and the unemployment rate shrinks.Other major employers in this sector are the Pacific Maritime Association (1,028), Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (457, 17.2 percent), Port of Tacoma and Northwest Seaport Alliance (265), US Foods (260), Associated Petroleum (210), Olympic Eagle Distributing (210), and U. The county pre-recession nonfarm employment high was 285,400 jobs in 2007.

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