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I just read a really funny book called Delicious Dating: The Single Girl's Guide to Decoding Men by Their Wining and Dining Styles.

Before writing this book, author Babe Scott discovered she was incompatible with her then-fiance in part because he ate only cheap, unhealthy, packaged foods.

Rather than project what we would like to see, a man's real personality is laid out on a platter.

My research uncovered 10 Male Food Types, spanning the gamut from Transfat Types to Food Sensualists to Pretzel Players.

A man is putting his best fork forward and making an effort to woo your taste buds in the hope of stirring analogous appetites.

He is also demonstrating what sort of partner and lover he would be.

Babe: There is no more powerful barometer of a man's potential as a boyfriend and in the bedroom than how he seduces a woman's taste buds.

His Food Type reveals what sort of vacations he likes and whether he will lend a hand or hog the remote while you do the housework.__Erin: If you have dinner with someone, what are some clues that will tell you whether the guy is, as you say, "a pleaser or selfish in the sack"?

The two appetites both simulate and stimulate one another.

Dining together is the way you forge a bond and connect to each other's inner world.

I set up a website, Take Me Out To, through which I asked men to assist me with my study by accompanying me for a meal.

I also joined every service I could find—from millionaire matchmakers to gourmet dinner groups, wine tastings, and singles' sushi classes—in an effort to meet as large a variety of men as possible.

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I went dumpster diving on a date with a freegan, went on a foraging date in Central Park, went out for lunch with the Naked Cowboy, dined in the pitch dark, and even dined nude with the Clothing Optional Dinner Group.

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