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Not for the syndrome itself, however it seems terrofying *or however you may write this word*, but for all the boys & girls who couldn't accept the way she looked.i really hope the best for her and all the other patients!

Site-ul este gazduit la ei, eu doar am pus NS-urile lor la domeniul meu, si ei se ocupa de billing, de clienti, de tot.

Eu pot modifica look-ul site-ului, si ce mai vreau pe acolo. Alta chestie, e castigul, inainte nu castigam nimic din site, doar nervi, iar acu vin banutii Cine vrea sa stie mai multe, pm, si ii trimit link! Chirurgia endoscopică a hipofizei "Standardul de aur" în chirurgia hipofizară îl reprezintă endoscopia transnazală transsfenoidală.

My email is [email protected] me anytime that you need to talk.

Just a stranger from across the pond but I just read Kelley's article in Readers' Digest - blowin' yer a kiss gal, & wishing you the very best.

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