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OKC, I'd be lucky to get a reply or two if I messaged girls that actually live near me. On the flip side, I did meet my current girlfriend on OKC as well, so there's that as well (she lives in England).

Tinder: pointless for me, got one match in a month.

I would love any advice you guys can give as I've actually been having a great time just getting to know new people from all over our little country, discussion shared interests, debating about series/movies/books, ... Meeting new people ànd working that divine temple of a body. Also keep an eye out for,,, they are upcoming sites to discuss music, movies, games from the creators of

Don't know how large the dutch speaking community is/will eventually be though, but thought I should mention them nonetheless.

Now, the problem with a dating site is that when you invest something, you expect something in return within reasonable timeframe. There was the rub: we were still both complete strangers to each other.

As the weeks progressed, we both struggled with trust issues, our initial expectations weren't met while we got to know the real person behind the profile.

Afaik, Ok Cupid and Tinder will be your best bets for meeting interesting people. I can't really recommend any premium dating sites, but I wouldn't get involved with them anyhow seeing as how few people use the free sites to begin with.

So I've tried a few different dating sites (Tinder, OKC, Happn and Twoo).

Now I have reached a point where I have pretty much contacted all the girls that seemed intresting to me on Ok Cupid, and I have a feeling there aren't a lot of new people joining in. The idea is 7 men meet 7 women in a nice venue and you talk with eachother for 7mins.

Anybody who wants to hiss at people trying dating sites can go die in a fire.

I'm sorry , i don't have the time , patience or whatever to go to a bar , hope that someone with the same interests as me is in there and that they are single. That being said , i still haven't signed up for dating sites and am interested in what experiences people have with dating sites. I was signed up on one of the larger sites around 2008 for a little while. It only lasted a few months, and we broke up less then year after I first contacted her.

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