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Forget arguments over where to go for dates, boring journeys to meet the other and depressing days spent wondering when the next time you’ll see each other will be, they’re right there on tap when you want them.

But 24 hours a day seven days a week is a lot of time to spend with someone.

Before you know it, secrets and mystery will be a thing of the past.

If you can overcome the many struggles of dating a flatmate and your relationship is made stronger because of it then you’ve probably found that it’s pretty great.

Along with teasing, you probably had to endure words of warning from all your friends.

You probably had to listen to “wow you’re SO brave” and “what happens if you break up?

Living together will make or break your relationship Living with your boyfriend isn’t always easy- you’ll probably find that being in the same house either makes your relationship stronger or breaks it irreparably.

Maybe you expected to live relatively separate lives despite living together and maybe you expected to have lots of space and alone time but you probably found that you ended up being joined at the hip. If you get along with your flatmates then you’ll be used to spending lots of time with them and if your boyfriend is also your flatmate then you’ll spend even Because you’ll be spending so much time together it’s likely that you’ll know everything there is to know about each other…your weird little habits, what you look like when you first wake up in the morning, your fears and worries and concerns, pretty much everything that goes through your mind.

Think how annoyed you got living with siblings or naggy parents. You’ll find out about all the things they do that would probably have been kept secret until a year into a normal relationship, like how many days they’ll wear the same pair of pants for or how often they masturbate.

Some things are definitely better left to the imagination.

It’s never just dinner for two If sharing a pleasant evening in with a mouth-watering microwave meal and a bottle of Aldi’s “white wine” isn’t already romantic enough for you, other housemates around the table talking about their post-kebab shag last night will really top off that ‘love is in the air’ atmosphere you were aiming for.

Sharing really is caring It’s surprising how many items of clothing are actually unisex, and how much food you can take before you can no longer justify using the “what’s yours is mine” excuse.

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If you’ve started dating your flatmate, the chances are that you don’t want everyone to know straight away.

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