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Also, it was in no way encouraging seeing that they ask for your “outer beauty” characteristics such as body type and race—shouldn’t my future S. In my opinion, dating websites are a double-edged sword.

Although there’s the potential in finding “the one” (if you’re comfortably leaving the search up to an automated algorithm), online dating is detrimental to traditional relationships.

What is the right age for your teen to begin dating?

Real parents and experts share their thoughts on when kids are ready to take this big step.

I felt I had no control over what I was getting myself into as an algorithm was calculating viable matches for me based on my personal credentials and dating preferences. To me, attraction, love, and relationships aren’t dictated by someone’s curves or the color of their skin, but rather your attraction to their “inner beauty.” My Political Science professor said something philosophically profound about this in one of his lectures: that the body is simply wrapping paper for a person’s true gift—their soul.

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We know there have been many cases of mistaken identity [online], which [can] result in harmful situations.

This is caused by the amount of personal information we share on these sites without knowing exactly who we’re talking to.

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