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the accumulation of excess fluid in a fluid compartment. Edema may also be classified by location, such as pulmonary edema or brain edema; types found in certain locations have specific names, such as .

This accumulation can occur in the cells (cellular edema), in the intercellular spaces within tissues (interstitial edema), or in potential spaces within the body.

brain, corneal, pulmonary part of the syndrome of congestive heart failure.

The most common type is vasogenic edema, which may result from increased capillary pressure or from increased capillary permeability caused by trauma to the capillary walls.From Copstead and Banasik, 2000.cellular edema edema caused by the entry of water into the cells, causing them to swell.This may occur because of decreased osmolality of the fluid surrounding the cells, as in hypotonic fluid overload, or increased osmolality of the intracellular fluid, as in conditions that decrease the activity of the sodium pump of the cell membrane, allowing the concentration of sodium ions within the cell to increase.cerebral edema swelling of the brain caused by the accumulation of fluid in the brain substance.Drug therapy includes an edema characterized by a condition in which a finger pressed into the skin over an accumulation of fluid will result in a temporary depression in the skin.Normal skin and subcutaneous tissues quickly rebound when the pressure is released. those of dependent body parts like the lower extremities.

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