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Phil Mc Graw has worn multiple hats in his 57 years — college football star, clinical psychologist, trial consultant, best-selling author, talk show phenomenon.But in the most basic ways, he is still pretty much like every guy on Earth: reluctant to admit he's lost, and even more reluctant to ask for directions.“I didn’t want her to be my caretaker,” Bailey said.“Where we live, we live so far from any kind of caretaker and the ones we have access to, they’re no good.” Harley began assisting Bailey over the course of their relationship, becoming his full-time caregiver after failing to find someone [email protected] Phil So does that mean those that are differently abled are unworthy of having a loving romantic relationship? We meant that shit #100outof100 — Denise Persisted (@Denisepersisted) March 16, 2019 So I guess #100Out Of100 totally neglects sickness and in health and wants disabled people to feel like burdens…the real burden is being stuck with Dr.Married 15 years been in a wheelchair for 25 years #Stop The Stigma #loveislove pic.twitter.com/we2HCmfek R — Nessa (@Nessa_Andrea) March 16, 2019 My husband is my rock.20 years together, 6 of them with him caretaking. Phil's sorry ass show during the day — Erika Bogárká (@Stardust Etoile) March 16, 2019 "100 out of 100 relationship that involve caregiving fail"- Dr. I've been with my husband almost 18 years and have been chronically ill for over half of them. #100outof100 — Heather Caricchio (@my2lilbugs23) March 15, 2019 For those that don’t know what the #100outof100 is, it is in reference to @Dr Phil episode on interabled couples.A post shared by Hannah Aylward (@hannahayl) on “100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail.” -Dr. Phil (and his viewers) that many relationships that involve caregiving are successful.

Phil and reacting to his false, damaging comments about interabled couples, click the link in my bio.

Phil We’ll be happily married for 5 years this September.

#Dr Phil @drphil #100outof100 A post shared by Matt Plummer (@mattieplummer) on “100 out of 100 relationships that involve caregiving fail.” -Dr. Phil (and his viewers) that many relationships that involve caregiving are successful. We’ve been together for three years and have been happily living together for one.

Phil must be living in his own little close-minded world because my romantic relationship is THRIVING.

So much so that we are engaged ❤#letsprovehimwrong #100outof100 pic.twitter.com/k6X4mz7s Ns — Ashley Alcantar (@ashleyya_97) March 15, 2019 I don’t think I’ve ever specifically posted about being in an interabled relationship with @eferryboat, but we are and so I am her care giver in the most intimate and personal way.

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