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Dieses Erotikverzeichnis führen wir komplett durch Eigenrecherchen durch, das heißt bei uns läuft nichts über Drittanbieter.Wir weisen Sie auch daraufhin, dass öffentliche Pornographie in Deutschland verboten ist und wir das demnach nicht dulden.The 2008 renewal of the TVPA (see Footnote 1) added conspiracy and “reckless disregard” provisions to the previous incarnation of the TVPA that formerly required perpetrators to “knowingly use” force or coercion (Smith ).This allowed Federal prosecutions to include those who “knowingly benefit from trafficking crimes,” and some Federal statutes were amended to include obstruction of trafficking investigations as prosecutable offenses (Smith ).Otherwise, these two types of business operations are usually entangled in the same rings.Perpetrators also understand and treat trafficking as a business (Shelley This chapter uses a review of the literature on gang sex trafficking in the United States and in several regions of the world, supplemented by a comparison of indictments from 20 US gang network cases from 1981 to 2017.This chapter examines different types of sex trafficking networks in the United States by using federal case indictment documents as a starting point and then comparing these US gangs to what is known about gang and organized sex trafficking in several other regions of the world.

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At the outset, it is important to be clear that gang sex trafficking enterprises and gang-run prostitution rings involving sex workers who are not trafficked often overlap, making it difficult to separate network members into distinct groups engaging in only one activity or the other (Morselli and Savoie-Gargiso ).

A prostitution ring may involve some workers who are trafficked and some who are not, but the gang-run enterprise shares members and resources regardless of the proportion that trafficking victims that make up of the total number of prostitution providers in that ring.

This allows for prosecution and culpability of individuals who may be facilitators of activity, even if they do not participate in human trafficking themselves, and is helpful in proving gang and other network cases.

Earlier, in the 2003 renewal of the TVPA, human trafficking had been added as a predicate offense (A predicate offense in a RICO case is a criminal violation that can be used to substantiate the existence of a criminal enterprise.) to the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which was originally enacted as part of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Federal RICO has been amended numerous times to reflect court decisions and known realities in applicable organizations and criminal activities.

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