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Some statistics: they fill up 600-1000 victims per mailbox. Out of this amount, there are 100-200 actual victims left per mailbox.

The rest are either not interested, or don't reply, or become suspicious.

Russian scammers are shameless, they even share their tactics and instruct newbiees openly over the Internet in forums! As for Yahoo mail, this is not their preferred place, because Yahoo charges a fee for POP3 mail.

Everything that is described below is merely the highlights and translation of what they say themsleves. Their work starts with opening a bunch of mailboxes. But they also use rambler.ru, yandex.ru, (or list.ru, and bk.ru, those are the same service). But they still go for it, since they pay with the stolen CC, anyway, especially if they sign up for both: Yahoo mail and

They like big paid sites, like Yahoo Personals, they get most of their "revenue" from there. Most people are NOT dumb, and a simple warning on the dating services will do the job! OK, so they signup on the dating services (this is called "fishing" on their slang) and pay for their memberships with the stolen credit cards.

They still use the smaller free ones, but they know that on the small sites are mostly "hunters", that's how they call scambaiters. Of course they don't say they are from Russia, because the stolen CC is issued to some person in another country.

Again, for the webmasters: if you accept credit cards and Pay Pal, and some girl pays, but looks Russian: judging from her picture, from the bad English in her profile which looks like online translator, and most importantly if she starts mass-mailing men, delete such profile immediately and refuse the payment! IP bans and IP checks are not as effective as they used to be: nowadays almost every "scammerito" knows about socks proxies.The Mailbox service allows professional representatives to receive communications from the EPO online.The list of communications that can be received electronically via the Mailbox has been updated.If they choose to do it through the dating services, the next step is acquiring a database of stolen credit card numbers and Pay Pal accounts.These are sold by hackers and can be obtained on the Russian Internet.

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