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The once mighty Congress Party, which ruled India for most of the country’s post-independence history, suffered another embarrassing defeat.It secured 52 seats in parliament, beating its relatively meager 44-seat tally in 2014, but raising major questions about the party’s platform, direction, and leadership.To add insult to injury, Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi lost the seat he contested in his family’s stronghold of Amethi to a BJP candidate, though he won a second seat he contested in Kerala.Gandhi later submitted his resignation as the Congress Party president, and the party is now preparingfor a bout of soul-searching that ideally would produce young, dynamic new leaders and ideas to rejuvenate the party.He also sought to mend ties with neighboring capitals in South Asia and the Indian Ocean as part of a “Neighborhood First” policy designed to shore up India’s position in its immediate periphery.

Modi has generally urged restraint from his supporters while underscoring the pluralistic nature of Indian society.Jeff Smith, “The Kashmir Crisis Exerts Pressure on Both the US and China,” Geopolitical Intelligence Services, April 17, 2019, https:// June 27, 2019)." The Modi government laid the groundwork for such a response three years earlier, when it answered a 2016 attack on an Indian army camp in Kashmir with “surgical strikes” on terrorist “launch pads” across the Line of Control.After the February 2019 terror attack in Pulwama, Kashmir, the Modi government went a step further, targeting camps run by Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkwa province.The likelihood of a BJP victory became clearer in the weeks leading up to the polls, but most observers predicted a far narrower margin.Prime Minister Modi’s government faced no shortage of criticism, not least over his mixed record on economic reforms.

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