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To be fair, most guys that are traveling here and trying to pick up single girls in Fortaleza probably are :p. That doesn’t mean you can’t make an attempt if you see a sexy girl here, just back off if she makes it clear she wants you to do so. So lets start with day game, then nightlife, then finish with meeting single girls on Brazilian dating sites. Malls are generally some of the best day game options in any city so we will start there.

Of course there are other obstacles as well like this country not being safe and you probably not speaking Portuguese. Good malls to meet single girls here are Shopping Jardins Open Mall, Shopping Via Sul, and Shopping Parangaba.

Aussie guy working and traveling Germany looking to meet some fun new people who are open minded and keen to meet for some fun one night or casual fun.

Lots of guys travel to this city and then come to a shocking revelation when they get there.

Neither of which will be all that efficient, but you can make so many more contacts in a short amount of time with online dating it wins out.

This post on where to pick up single girls in Fortaleza for casual sex or dating will try to help you prepare for it before you arrive.

The revelation we are talking about is that when you head out to the pick up bars in town they are going to be loaded with hookers.

All of the local girls in town know about this, and they know that many foreign men that travel here are looking for sex.

This makes picking up single girls in the Fortaleza nightlife for free sex very hard. If a girl is sitting at the bar alone playing on her phone looking like she is killing time (or waiting for a customer) she is probably a hooker.

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