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The experts at the security firm Guardi Core observed, hundreds of attacks during a 30-hour window starting at midnight on February 12.

The attacks were launched by the same IP address (109.2), likely a compromised mail server, and were all hosted by

Similar attacks are now threatening thousands of My SQL databases that are exposed online, the hackers are brute forcing poorly secured My SQL servers.

The attackers enumerate existing databases and their tables, steal their content, and creating a new table that contains the instruction to pay a 0.2 Bitcoin (around 0) ransom.

Monitoring your internet accessible machines/services is crucial to being able to rapidly respond to any breach. Google Does It Again: Discloses Microsoft Edge and IE Vulnerability In Public This month has yet been kind of interesting for cyber security researchers, with Google successfully cracked SHA1 and the discovery of Cloudbleed bug in Cloudflare that caused the leakage of sensitive information across sites hosted behind Cloudflare.

The flaw was discovered by the popular researcher Tavis Ormandy from Google Project Zero Team.

The Canadian researcher Phineas (@itsphin) published on Git Hub a list of more than 4 million domains possibly affected by Cloudflares Cloudbleed HTTPS Traffic Leak.

In short, the vulnerability affects all Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 users.

You can know more details about the recently disclosed flaw on Google's bug report blog, along with proof-of-concept code that causes a crash of the browsers, though sophisticated hackers can build more dangerous exploits as well.

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