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Some animals have an extremely selective sense of smell and surpass others in the detection of a particular odor.Elephants, both African and Asian, have a superior sense of smell when it comes to water, and particularly to underground water.Goats climb like -- well, like goats -- and they will perch on your countertops, your kitchen table and your couch. Anything they can hop on is fair game, and anything on those items is likely to get knocked off, trampled, broken, eaten or pooped on.Goats taste-test just about everything -- so your curtains, couch and new bedspread are on the menu.It's unlikely you're going to break a goat of doing what comes naturally, so you will have to keep everything your goat can destroy away from him or keep him crated when you can't watch him.If you're going to try to house-train one goat, you'll have to house-train at least two.

Many other animals have a similar organ, including bears."Jaws") reportedly has the largest olfactory bulb of all sharks, it should follow that it has the best sense of smell among sharks.However, recent research at Florida Atlantic University indicates that great whites can't smell any better than other sharks, and sharks in general can't smell any better than other fish -- but add in the shark's other senses of movement in water and electromagnetics, and it still may not be safe to go in the water.Experts differ on the sensitivity of some birds' sense of smell, such as the carrion-eating condors, but New Zealand's kiwi is accepted as having an unusually keen nose for a bird.They have developed this olfactory talent because they are flightless and must find their dinner of insects and worms on the ground.

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