How to spot an online dating player

But for the experienced player that isn’t an issue.

If it doesn’t work out with you (meaning, get you in bed), then he can try again with someone else tomorrow night.

He Wants To Keep Your Relationship a Secret You’re fresh in the afterglow of a passionate beginning and might even be entertaining the idea of a future with him and he smacks you with, “Let’s just keep this between the two of us.” No man – and I mean absolutely zero – that wants to be with you really will want to keep your love a secret and have other men think you’re available, too.

Sadly, his secrecy can only mean one thing: he wants to be still available for other women.

His Interest In You Wanes You felt like you were on cloud nine in the beginning when you had his full, undivided adoration.

Be open and honest about your desires for a relationship. The player may be repelled, but you know who will love it?

Therefore, if he seems quite at home talking with you the very first time, it might be because he’s used to chatting it up with a lot of women.

He Says All the Right Words To Get the Chemistry Going Does it ever seem like a guy you just met gets you right away?

A sad yet common dilemma for many women, once they are ready to meet their soulmate, is not being able to spot players.

At first, it might seem like these time and energy drainers are sincere, only for their true colors to be revealed after you’re already hooked and perhaps falling in love.

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Or does he create some other pretense for immediately getting to your place or inviting you to his?

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