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There are also registries at and at an Apple discussion board.

With several hundred members each, the registries tend to list people by region, by interests and by whether they are available to chat by video or just audio (which requires only a microphone and a modem connection). For example, i Chatfinder features little buttons next to members' names showing whether they are currently available online, while is trying to set up video blind dates, swap meets and listings of video bloggers.

Zeedar has used i Chat AV for other things, too, like remotely trouble-shooting a friend's Mac (his friend copied error messages into the software's text window) and making free international phone calls with the audio chat component.)Watch an i Chat video conference) with Apple product managers.It's unclear whether it is because there are fewer female users, or because they are avoiding unwanted attention.Despite the lack of female company, i Chat AV users are universally excited about the ability to communicate for free with people all over the world."I pulled up the list and rang a few of the names," he said.Cleary said desktop video conferencing all day takes a little getting used to, at least initially.She's also become more conscious of her mannerisms and appearance.

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