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What were your thoughts about the lack of minorities represented in this year’s Academy Awards? I know that we’re still dealing with some of the very same issues that our parents were dealing with. NL: I mean, isn’t this the same thing that we say ever year? In 2009, she provided the voice of Roberta on the animated sitcom series, ‘The Cleveland Show,’ before being replaced by Reagan Gomez.In 2009, she appeared in Chris Rock‘s documentary, ‘Good Hair.’ In her first big screen role since 2007’s ‘Are We Done Yet?: Nia Long--featured in the movie--looked stunning per usual in this sparked blouse and mini shorts. Melyssa Ford and Elise Neal--both are in the movie too--did the same. OKAY HE TALKES ABOUT BEING NATURAL…THEN HE SHOULD HAVE LEFT HIS TEETH THE WAY THEY USE TO BE BEFORE HE GOT ALL THAT MONEY AND CHANGED HIS IMAGE…POOKIE. The truth is black men have no problem with Caucasian and other ethnic women wearing weaves, but when it comes to a sister it is a joke, same no respect and self hatred, I know many women of color that do not use perms, they have naturally long thick hair, they are not insecure, I know sisters that love their kinky, or curly hair short or long the last thing they worry about is this crap he is talking.

The movie is called "Good Hair" because it a term that has been used so often by the black community, that Chris Rock's daughter (and many others) think there is a such thing as "good hair" vs. He made the movie in response to his daughter being upset that she didn't have "good hair".At times, it also felt like black women, in particular, were being belittled and slapped in the face for how many of us to care for our hair. Our other fave "Girlfriend" Golden Brooks showed off her post baby body. There is nothing humorous about individuals that are so dysfunctional that their only happiness comes from attacking each other and degrading their women.. I am from an interracial family I do not have to perm my hair, I do not have to wear a weave, I do not teach my daughter to worship Caucasian hair, Children are a product of their environment , they are not born with any biases, it's family member and movies like this , that make their lives miserable.I also took issue with only one type of hair salon/hair care "professionals" that was being portrayed. Looks like all that baby weight is damn near gone already... Are you trying to say that all women of color have nappy hair, that all women black , or whatever have nappy hair, I know you know that that is not true. Tell me why anyone is concerned about hair in this manner, while people are dying in Iraq every day, children are starving and going to bed hungry every night, and this man makes a movie ,that needed to be made? This movie has done more damage than it will ever do good..,’ the Brooklyn native plays a Muslim mom struggling to keep her family together post 9/11 in the independent film ‘Mooz-lum.’ Written and directed by newcomer Qasim Basir, the film also stars Evan Ross, Roger Guenveur Smith, Danny Glover, Dorian Missick, and Summer Bishil.Pulled between his strict Muslim upbringing by his father and the normal social life he’s never had, Tariq Mahdi (played by Evan Ross) enters college in a state of confusion.

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And Elise rocked an interesting dress with thigh high boots.

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