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creator and writer Bill Lawrence joined the principal cast for a reunion panel to talk about the legacy of the beloved medical comedy that aired for nine progressively weirder seasons on two different networks.

Vulture moderated the lively conversation between Lawrence and actors Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C.

And that was the whole drama of his death was just that one shot, just going into his face. : Could I tell you guys my random favorite thing about Ken [Jenkins]?

You turned on a dime, just on an instantaneous dime. There’s a lot of people out here I’m sure who are actors, actresses, writers, in and around the industry. When I started my career, if someone did a joke differently than I heard it in my head, since I knew I wasn’t supposed to give them a line reading, I’d say, “Don’t say it like that, say it like this.” [: But Ken Jenkins is one of my favorite experiences because — just so you all know, if you program his name onto your DVR, it’ll explode because he’s been in every movie ever since the dawn of time.

But once we got permission, not from the network, but from the audience, we decided to do it for the whole run. I confess, I don’t remember much of this, it’s sort of like a Chinese chopped salad blowing in the tornado. I was there.” And I love it, it’s a wonderful feeling, but I remember one of those turns.

I just thought of it and my favorite one of those turns was in an episode with Brendan Fraser. It just felt like he’d been there right from the beginning constantly. [Mc Ginley] was talking and he was in an argument with Brendan, and he was having a tremendous argument with him.

In between razzing each other and a brief interruption from a certain high-fiving surgeon, the group discussed the stories they weren’t allowed to tell on network television, their reactions to Donald Faison’s “Poison” dance appearing in : We have not been together as a full group like this, I think, since the show wrapped.

” : I haven’t been allowed to do that since, so I remember it even more fondly than I enjoyed it at the time. So I got to have this extra fun, which was wonderful.

I remember saying to Christa something about God — well this is all credit to Bill, because he would say, “And then if you think of something else, say that.” Or I would goof around in rehearsal, and he’d say, “Good, say that.” Or, “We’ll do one that way, too and we’ll do one [a different] way, too.” So I was telling you about the janitor’s childhood or something, and this just …

” I’m like, “Well, yeah.” “Well, couldn’t one of them die or just get very, very sick?

” And I’m like, “No, they’re all going to die.” Like, “Well, if they’re all going to die, could they be racists and horrible Nazis and people that we want to see die?

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